Get your business on-line for free with Yahoo Store..  Open new sales opportunities.  Web design, e-commerce, e-business, ongoing maintenance and administration, promotion and marketing.


Get your business on-line for free with Yahoo Store..  Open new sales opportunities.   








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Get your business on-line and open new sales opportunities for your business.  Best of all, itís FREE with NO upfront costs, fast, and you donít need a computer or any technical knowledge.

Thousands of businesses have proven that e-commerce is a powerful, cost-efficient way to reach out to millions of people worldwide.  There are over 120 million web users in the United States alone.  The U.S. Bureau of the Census reported on-line related e-commerce sales accounted for nearly $26 Billion for the year 2000 (  

Over 60 million Americans are shopping on-line and this number is growing every day.  Your business needs exposure to as many potential customers as possible.

Main reasons for NOT turning your business into an e-business:

  • Itís too complicated.  I don't know anything about this technical stuff.

  • I don't have the time to run my operation AND be an e-commerce guru too!!

  • My business is too small to compete with the giants.

  • People wonít buy my products on the net.

  • Itís too expensive.  I donít want to pay thousands of dollars upfront with no guarantees of returns. has the solution.

Its no secret, e-commerce is a complicated business with many aspects to master.  It makes sense for you to do what you do best: operate your retail store, keep your customers happy, and fulfill orders.  Let us do what we do best: integrate business and technology, design, implement, and support e-commerce technology to help your business succeed.  We provide on-going administration and promotion for your e-business ?itís like having your own Information Technology department.

There is no doubt that the web and todayís technology has leveled the playing field for businesses.  It is now capable for the smallest storefronts and entrepreneurs to compete with the giants.  A recent study by ActivMedia Reseach shows that midsize e-commerce sites (sales between $100,000 ?$999,999) have been the most profitable, followed closely by small on-line businesses (sales of $10,000 - $99,999).

Todayís web shopper is becoming increasingly discriminating and has high expectations about where he or she feels comfortable shopping.  The keys to creating a profitable web site lies in your e-businessís professionalism, reliability, and credibility.

With our plan, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!  You donít even have to own a computer ?this is a complete end-to-end solution for getting your business on the web ?all for FREE with NO upfront fees!